Voters Believe Congress is Most Concerned With Impressing Media

A new survey suggests that voters overwhelming believe that their Representatives and Senators are more concerned with impressing the media then they are impressing their own voters.

According to Rasmussen 59% of those surveyed believe the opinion of the media is more important to their representatives than their opinion and only 29% said that their representatives valued their opinion higher than that of the media.

From the Daily Caller:

In the survey by Rasmussen Reports, the number of respondents who said that the media is more important for lawmakers was more than twice the number of voters who said that the opinion of the constituents mattered more.

59% of respondents said their House and Senate representatives are more concerned about impressing the media, while 29% said they prioritize their constituents. Another 12% were hesitant to give a definitive answer.

The poll was conducted via telephone and online June 22-23 and asked 900 likely voters.

Republican (64%), Democrat (49%) and unaffiliated voters (66%) alike were predominantly of the opinion that lawmakers valued what the media has to say more than their constituents’ concerns.

Another interesting thing found in this poll was that 49% percent of participants believe that Congress does not care what they think.


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