Olympian Who Lost Record To Transgender Athlete Speaks Out

Peris Lagios via (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.en) Wikimedia Commons

Retired weightlifter and former Olympian Tracey Lambrechs spoke out about how transgender athletes will eventually “knock women out of [the] sport.”

From the Daily Wire: 

Retired New Zealand weightlifter and former Olympian Tracey Lambrechs warned Thursday that transgender athletes will eventually “knock women out of sport” unless action is taken.

Lambrechs competed in the same weight class as transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard after Hubbard, born biologically male, transitioned in 2013 and began competing in women’s weightlifting competitions. Lambrechs said she lost all of her weightlifting records soon after Hubbard began competing.

“I was like ‘What do you mean? There’s no one that’s close to me,’” Lambrechs said during an interview with Fox News, recalling a phone call she received from her coach letting her know that Hubbard had eclipsed her lifting records and beat her out of the number one spot for their weight class. “Laurel started weightlifting, and she competed on the weekend. So as of now, you’re number two.”

Hubbard is set to become the first openly transgender person to compete in the Olympics after winning a spot on the New Zealand national team. At 43 years old, Hubbard is currently the oldest weightlifter competing.

The Olympics this year will be hosting transgender athletes and many women in these events feel pressured into silence over the current political tensions over the issue.

Outside of the Olympics, many states have moved to ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports and many feel that a potential supreme court case is in the works because of this.


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