Washington Post Advocates For ‘White Accountability Groups’

Screenshot from the Washington Post

The Washington Post has caught the ire of pretty much everyone with an article they recently posted that called for “White Accountability Groups.”

This made many on the left irate as it essentially called for groups that exclude black and brown people. The article irritated many on the right because it pushes for more Critical Race Theory.

From the Daily Caller: 

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a prominent critic of critical race theory, said the Post wants to “defend race essentialism.”

“It all makes sense now: the Washington Post published a 3,000-word fake hitpiece against me because they really want to defend race essentialism and ‘White racial identity,’” Rufo said. “I’m fighting against race supremacy; the Washington Post wants to install it everywhere.”

“This is a very strange pseudoreligious movement that is likely to do more harm than good,” wrote author Jesse Singal.

Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio called the Washington Post video “the new Marxism.”

Many more commented on the article’s absurd premise. If you want to read the article the Washington Post put out you can do so here. 


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