Police Departments That Were ‘Defunded’ are Getting ‘Refunded’

America is facing a massive spike in crime and many of the cities that pushed to defund the police are now pulling back and refunding them.

From Fox Business:

One year after the movement to “defund” police saw cities slash budgets and cut funding, the U.S. has seen an uptick in crime. Homicides alone are up 24% since January and more than 70% of people in a recent Fox News Poll said they believe crime is on the rise nationally. As a result, the pendulum may be swinging back in favor of the police.

“Now some cities are refunding the police department,” FOX Business’s Stuart Varney said on Varney & Co.

Cities like New York City, Oakland, Baltimore, Minneapolis and Los Angeles are planning to reinstate tens of millions for the construction of new police precincts, increase police department budgets, among other plans to bankroll more efforts to confront the uptick in crime.

Overall, in several of the nation’s largest local law-enforcement agencies, city and county leaders want funding increases for 9 of the 12 departments where next year’s budgets have already been proposed, with increases ranging from 1% to 6%, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Politicians moved to appease protestors and rioters with their moves to defund the police, now many locals in these big cities are pushing against the move and demanding that the police return tot he streets. In New York City Bill DeBlasio is restoring $200 million in funding to the police, Baltimore cut is police budget by $22 million, now it is looking to add a $27 million increase in funding.


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