Media Rushes to Claim Anti-LGBT Terror Attack, Not the Case

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski via ( Flickr

One man was killed and another was injured at a pride parade in Florida, within minutes of the story breaking the media and democrats began toting this as a terror attack against the LGBT community. This was not a terror attack according to the most recent reports, the death was caused when a truck accidentally hit several people, the driver of the vehicle was a member of the local LGBT chorus group.

From The Daily Wire: 

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, a Democrat, was at the parade and claimed the truck narrowly missed Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) “by inches” and called the incident a “terrorist attack.

“This is a terrorist attack against the LGBT community,” Trantalis told WPLG. “This is exactly what it is. Hardly an accident. It was deliberate, it was premeditated, and it was targeted against a specific person. Luckily they missed that person, but unfortunately, they hit two other people.”

At the time Trantalis made the statement, there was no evidence to suggest his claims were in any way true.

Wasserman Schultz was reportedly in a convertible getting ready to appear in the parade. It is not clear at this time exactly how far from the incident she was at the time, as reports vary.

The story told by the mayor, before any facts were out, went viral on social media and despite the narrative being debunked at this point some still believe it to be true. The hashtag #deathSantis, was trending well after the event.


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