Mass Resignation For Portland Riot Squad

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If anyone did to a horse or a dog what has been done to PPB cops for 18 months, that person would have amassed hundreds of counts of felony animal abuse, but it’s perfectly OK to do it to cops, wholesale, and with an army of anarchist pals.” – A retired Portland Police Detective .

It is being reported that the Portland riot squad has walked away from their duty after over a year of abuse from protestors, rioters, Antifa, and their own mayor.

From PJ Media: 

The police officers in the Portland riot squad, officially called the “rapid response team (RRT),” still work for the agency, but will no longer volunteer themselves for the duty that resulted in “nearly all” members being injured with “broken bones, torn ligaments, and cartilage, traumatic brain injuries, hearing damage, damaged eyesight, lacerations and burns,” in the words of the resignation letter sent to the chief by the squad’s leader.

Expect more of this.

Unconfirmed reports abound that another nearby police agency riot squad, whose members provided back-up to the Portland Police Bureau for antifa, anarchist, and Black Lives Matter riots in the past, walked out as well. No official announcement has been made and efforts to confirm the reports have been met with silence.

Los Angeles and Seattle cops are probably next.

This marks a big move for the city and puts the ball firmly in the court of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. Wheeler has played a major role in fanning the flames in his city but this has not kept him out of the sights of Antifa terrorists. Several weeks ago he had his address doxed and his life threatened in an ominous video.


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