Random Shooting? Or Targeted Political Violence? Shooter Wounds 5 In 20-Hour Spree

5 White Men who were “Military-looking” were shot in the span of 20-hours by a 39-year-old African American male. The media is covering this story as a “random shooting spree” but according to the shooter, this was a targeted attack.

The shooter, Justin Tyran Roberts, told authorities after his arrest that the had targeted these people because “they had taken from him his whole life.”

From PJ Media: 

Regarding the first shooting at a parking lot under a bridge, Roberts said he shot a white man because “he had to have him.” The victim was shot once in the back as he was getting into his car in Phenix City, Ala., at about 8:15 pm on June 11. Four other bullets hit the victim’s automobile. Six shell casings were found at the scene.

The second shooting involved three victims, all of whom were shot in Columbus roughly two hours after the first shooting. The third and final shooting took place the next day on June 12, minutes after 2:00 pm.

Detective Brandon Lockhart testified: “Basically, he (Roberts) explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him, and also what he described as ‘military-looking white males’ had taken from him.”

Columbus police released a statement on Instagram regarding the times and locations of the shootings:

This shooting certainly wasn’t random as some outlets claim. The same media that is running cover for a shooter is the same media that has been pushing racial division in the United States.



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