Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Claims Critical Race Theory is a Conspiracy Theory

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Virginia Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Terry McAuliffe stated in now released audio that Critical Race Theory is no more than a “right-wing conspiracy.”

This audio was originally obtained by Fox News .

The Virginia Democratic nominee for governor is dismissing as a “right-wing conspiracy” the concerns that many have raised about racial trainings and curricula in the state.

In audio obtained by Fox News, McAuliffe blames the ongoing controversy – which has exploded school board meetings – on his opponent Glenn Youngkin and former President Trump.

“That’s another right-wing conspiracy,” he said. “This is totally made up by Donald Trump and Glenn Youngkin. This is who they are. It’s a conspiracy theory.”

A woman had asked him: “I was just wondering – with all of the Republicans talking about critical race theory, and they’re making this huge deal about it, and it’s all of the conversation with the news in Virginia. What are you going to say to all of those people making education about that?”

Critical Race Theory is no joke, in public school right now many children are being indoctrinated by this extremist ideology. Worse yet, this has been going on for years and parents have been none the wiser. In all likelihood this topic has only come up in public conversation because of Covid-19, with many children learning from home via the internet parents get the ability to see what it is they are learning and many are not happy.


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