Biden HHS Secretary Refuses to Say Mother

Screenshot via Lankford on YouTube

Biden’s HHS Secretary refused to say the word mother during a hearing about the HHS budget request for 2022.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra was confronted by Oklahoma GOP Senator James Lankford about the removal of the word “mother” and its being replaced with the term “birthing people.” Secretary Becerra could not take the question seriously and let out a big grin, he was unable to fully answer the question.

From the Daily Wire: 

When Lankford asked for a good definition of “birthing people,” Becerra was literally unable to say the word “mother,” instead grinning and responding,  “I don’t know how else to explain it to you other than” before his voice petered out.

Prior to that exchange, Lankford questioned Becerra about religious freedom, saying, “At your nomination hearing, you and I talked about the conscience and freedom, and freedom and faith, all those protections that are there. I was surprised to see the language in the budget; it stripped out much of that language that had existed in previous budgets about freedom of conscience, freedom of religion. And it also seems that you’re eliminating the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division. Is that true? In your budget, are you eliminating the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division?”

“We’re going to continue to do the work to protect the religious, civil, constitutional rights of all Americans under HHS’ purview, and we are going to be a solid organization through the Office of Civil Rights that we have to make sure we’re protecting everyone’s rights, including religious conscience rights,” Becerra protested.

New intersectional language infested colleges and academia years ago, now this language has worked its way into the highest levels of American politics.



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