Biden Administration Quietly Backs Down From Vow to Defend Religious Liberty

Foreign and Commonwealth Office via ( Wikimedia Commons

The Biden Department of Justice has backed down to LGBT activists and amended a court filing where they claimed they would vigorously defend religious liberty.

From The Daily Wire: 

The Department of Justice quickly amended a court filing Wednesday that initially said it would “vigorously” defend religious liberty after blowback from LGBT activists.

The word “vigorously” was scrubbed from the filing, and instead the Biden DOJ described their supposed forthcoming defense of religious liberty as “adequate.”

The court filing, in relation to Hunter v. the U.S. Department of Education, said the DOJ can “vigorously” defend religious schools’ right to practice their beliefs without risk of losing funding. After pushback from activists, though, the department changed its wording in the filing(.)

LGBT activists have been at war with religious institutions and schools for a long time and this action by the Biden Administration is a clear signifier as to which side they are on.


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