White Teacher Claims Not Teaching Critical Race Theory Is Child Abuse

Screenshot via @MythinformedMKE on Twitter

A teacher from Portland, Oregon claimed, on video, that not teaching children critical race theory is akin to pedophiles preying on young children.

From PJ Media: 

The teacher, Katherine Watkins, festooned in her colorful headdress and tribal Daishiki, proclaimed her pronouns to be “she, her, we, and us,” and told the screen of teachers that most teachers are no better than pedophiles if they don’t teach critical race theory. Not subsuming children with constant explanations of differences in skin color is flat-out child abuse. Teachers failing to impart the notion that all white kids possess privilege and therefore must apologize for racism will be left behind, become obsolete, and fired eventually.

Here’s a break down of what the middle school “humanities” teacher said.

If you’re not evolving into an anti racist educator then you’re becoming obsolete in this field and profession. Our district is only getting browner and browner with our children.

Who are the racists? The Leftist Democrats who assume that black and brown children can’t master certain subject matter without being taught if they don’t immediately understand it’s because of a racist system? Or are the racists the people who simply teach the material?

Critical Race Theory and its proponents have often detested the idea of cultural appropriation, but this woman is clearly doing that by the standards of the left. How long before she is canceled for wearing these staples of African fashion? Not soon enough!


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