‘You Lunatic Conspiracy Theorist!’ Here is how Fact-Checkers Treated The Lab Leak Theory

Fact-Checkers in the liberal media labeled reporters, politicians, and others as lunatic conspiracy theorists for supporting or even engaging in the idea that Covid-19 was made in a laboratory and leaked out. Now that the more evidence has come out that confirms this theory, liberal journolists and fact checkers are seething.

From The Daily Caller: 

Liberal media fact checkers were quick to label reporters and lawmakers who supported the lab leak theory as conspiracy theorists in the wake of the 2020 coronavirus outbreak.

Fact checkers repeatedly labeled comments and reporting that referenced evidence of a lab leak theory — the hypothesis that coronavirus came from a Wuhan, China lab instead of a food market — as harmful misinformation. Recently, however, evidence that three Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers were hospitalized with an unknown illness in November 2019, has been revealed suggesting the theory isn’t baseless.

“Beijing has claimed that the virus originated in a Wuhan ‘wet market,’ where wild animals were sold,” Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton wrote in an April 2020 Wall Street Journal editorial. “But evidence to counter this theory emerged in January.”

“This evidence is circumstantial, to be sure, but it all points toward the Wuhan labs,” he said. “Thanks to the Chinese coverup, we may never have direct, conclusive evidence—intelligence rarely works that way—but Americans justifiably can use common sense to follow the inherent logic of events to their likely conclusion.”

The evidence in support of the lab leak theory has come out now to a point where Facebook is going to allow people to talk about it again. Big Tech rarely backs down if that’s any point to how serious things are getting.


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