John Cena Apologizes In Chinese After Calling Taiwan A Country

Screenshot via Mothership on YouTube

Actor and WWE star John Cena apologized on Chinese social media for accidentally referring to Taiwan as a country.

For those unaware, referring to Taiwan as a country is extremely taboo in China. Holding this opinion in the country may put you in harm’s way as the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is no fan of dissenters.

From The Daily Wire: 

Actor and WWE star John Cena apologized on Chinese social media on Tuesday for having referred to Taiwan as a “country” in recent remarks that he made to promote “Fast & Furious 9.”

“On May 8, TVBS released a video of Cena excitedly promoting the film ‘Fast & Furious 9’ in Mandarin for Taiwanese audiences,” Taiwan News reported. “In the video, Cena emphasized that ‘Taiwan will be the first country to see Fast & Furious 9,’ and speaking to Taiwanese viewers, he reiterated, ‘You are the first to see this movie.’”

Cena’s remarks that he “really loves” and “really respects” China comes as the world is still recovering from the worst pandemic in more than a century that erupted in Wuhan, China, and that more and more experts and scientists are beginning to believe likely came from a Chinese lab.

John Cena has had a long time relationship with China. Cena has filmed numerous propaganda films for the Chinese Government and shared them over Chinese social media platforms, these short pieces of propaganda are often very strange. In one video Cena enters a grocery store that is located in a mall and claims to be describing the daily life of a Chinese citizen, many Chinese dissenters took issue with the video as it was an unrealistic view of how the people of China operate day to day and some dissenters claimed that the video was meant to showcase the picture of China that the CCP wants the western world to see.


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