Delusional! Professor Reports Seeing a ‘Noose’ Behind His House, Here Is What He Saw

Two African American professors at Penn State University reported seeing a “noose” in a tree behind their home, in reality what they saw was a piece swing set.

The two professors told the school paper that the incident was “deeply distressing” and they told a local outlet that they believed the “noose” was put up deliberately to “harass them.”

The local police investigate this incident but before there investigation was anywhere near complete PSU President Eric Barron came out in a statement condemning hate.

“The incident underscores the importance of our anti-racism work as a University, and as a community of scholars… It also underscores the importance of our town-gown work to build a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all who live here. Groups like Community & Campus in Unity that have formed the Centre Region Anti-bias Coalition are critical to helping create a climate of acceptance and support.”

Police found that what was believed to be a noose was actually part of a swing set that was thrown into the woods as garbage. The neighbor’s child told the police that he threw the length of rope into the woods.

the professors were not the victim of any hate crime, they are certainly victims of a child littering and the mass hysteria brought about by the media though.


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