Critical Race Theory Activists Call For Constitution To Be Burned!

Aaron Fulkerson via ( Flickr

Several critical race theory activists recently called for the Constitution to be burned.

In the clip above several critical race theory activists talk about a variety of issues and one calls for an end to reason and the American Constitution. The clip was taken from the “Teacher Talk Live” podcast hosted by Aldred “Shivy” Brooks.

From PJ Media: 

CRT adherents clearly and openly want to destroy (they use the word “dismantle”) our nation and way of life. They have not said openly what they intend to replace America with.

If history is any guide, they intend to replace the Constitution with Marxism, and any notion of peaceful life with show trials, struggle sessions, social shunning and imprisonment of all dissenters, and eventually genocide. That may all sound extreme, but it’s no more extreme than casually calling to burn our Constitution, and it’s a logical and proven consequence when hatred based on collective guilt is openly preached and practiced as all three of the CRT practitioners do here and CRT proponents worldwide do as a matter of routine.

As Rausch notes near the beginning of his video exposing the conversation, “critical race theory is being mainlined into schools, institutions, into corporations.”

Critical race theory has been heavily discussed in the news recently as many in America have found out about the ideology and how it has worked its way into schools, parts of the government, and corporations across the country.


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