LEGO Gets Woke In New Drag Queen Set

Benjamin D. Esham / Wikimedia Commons

The colourful block company has decided to get woke with a new block set featuring a Drag queen.

The LEGO company has for a long time been a favorite toy among children and parents have generally given the toy sets their approval outside of stepping on the occasional sharp block. This new venture into the political realm may change that approval.

From PJ Media:  

The rainbow-colored set is based on the “classic” rainbow flag, with blue, white and pink stripes added to symbolize the transgender community and black and brown stripes to represent the diversity of skin tones within the LGBT community.

The minifigs included in the set are solid color, devoid of facial characteristics or fashion choices. According to a report from The Guardian, “In all but one case, no specific gender has been assigned to the figures, who are intended to ‘express individuality, while remaining ambiguous.’”

And that’s why the set looks like a rainbow-colored torrent of vomit—because you can get dizzy trying to make sense of that nonsense. When I look at the set, I see a bunch of mindless, expressionless robots—which, curiously enough, is what the LGBTQ movement wants… for all of us to be programmed to accept their propaganda.

Which figure is actually gendered, you ask? And how exactly are you supposed to know? According to the set designer, Matthew Ashton, the purple minifig donning a beehive wig “is a clear nod to all the fabulous drag queens out there.”

Many critics of the move by LEGO are pointing out the concerning trend of oversexulaizing childrens toys, though some defend the move by saying that not everyone who buys LEGO products is a child.