Utah Legislature Plan To Ban Critical Race Theory

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Legislatures in Utah are planning to ban Critical Race Theory from being taught in public schools.

California and other states are quickly trying to pack this philosophy into public curriculum in what many are calling indoctrination. Utah and a few other states are not matching this effort by the left and pushing to ban Critical Race Theory from being taught in public schools.

From The Daily Wire: 

Utah has become the latest state to start the process of banning critical race theory (CRT) from being taught in public schools, with the state’s Speaker of the House convening an extraordinary session of the State House of Representatives to discuss the matter.

Utah House Speaker Brad R. Wilson sent a letter to legislatures on Tuesday, telling them to return to the state house on Wednesday to discuss two bills: A resolution to support Second Amendment rights for Utah citizens and another to urge the Utah State Board of Education to ban critical race theory from public schools.

Christopher Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, first reported Wilson’s letter, posting a copy on Twitter.

“[S]ince the adjournment of the 2021 General Session of the Sixty-fourth Legislature of the State of Utah, matters have arisen that require the immediate attention of the House of Representatives,” Wilson wrote.

Critical Race Theory has quickly become a line in the sand for many Americans. The philosophy describes America as a racist country and redefines race and racism, it has been practices by many on the left for a few years but has been brought to the forefront of American politics by recent efforts at the DNC and movements like Black Lives Matter. Christopher Rufo of City Journal has done a phenomenal job at covering this subject in great detail.


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