Racial Consultants Took PPP Loans That Were Intended For Small Businesses

Racial Consulting is a booming industry, during the pandemic and summer of rioting this industry saw lots of cash but this didn’t stop them from taking PPP loans that were meant for struggling business.

From The Daily Wire: 

Prominent diversity consulting firms received millions in taxpayer-backed, forgivable Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, despite the industry’s boom.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) firms that received bailouts include Pollyanna, which has sent the nation’s most exclusive private schools into an uproar, and the Kaleidoscope Group, which pushed wokeness at Coca-Cola, a Daily Wire review of federal records found.

PPP loans were intended to offset the losses of businesses that could not fully operate during the pandemic. The pandemic resulted in the permanent closure of “likely below 200,000” establishments, many of whom did not receive PPP loans.

DEI firms profited greatly from the anti-racism movement that occurred simultaneously with the pandemic. Following the death of George Floyd, companies and educational institutions invested heavily in diversity training and consultants.

Taxpayer dollars went to these extremely profitable groups that preach Critical Race Theory and Marxism. These companies took this money all while having one of the most profitable years on record while small business were burned to the ground, forced to close, and lay off many Americans.