These Young Students Protested Masks At Their School, Now They Face Consequences

Students have always been a group primed for a protest, most students see it as a way to either get out of class or virtue signal on social media, and schools have generally been willing to let them do whatever they want. Things are changing however, now that students are standing up to the covid lock down, they are not allowed to protest anymore.

In Wisconsin’s Tomahawk School District students are pushing back against the mask mandate and other covid policies. Students left class in protest of the schools mask policy and now they are all facing charges for truancy.

From The Federalist:

The demonstrations began on May 3, with several students who demanded the district end its mandatory mask policy on school property. On May 5, approximately 50 students walked out after they were dissatisfied with what sources say was a fruitless meeting with the administration.

Ryan Hawley’s high school son walked out the first day of the protests, which was billed as a “No Mask Monday.” The small group of students was met by the school resource officer who told them to put their masks on and go back to class. All but two complied.

“They were told, ‘Either you can put your mask on or go home.’ One of them was my son. He was sent home at 8:30 a.m.,” Hawley said. Like several other parents in the district, Hawley stood behind his children’s cause.

Sad times are ahead for America, but maybe not.

These young students are learning that they will be treated differently by authorities if they hold the “wrong” opinion. This might lead them down a different path in life then they otherwise would have gone down if this did not occur.


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