Media Outlet Targets Conservative Journalist Over Riot Coverage

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Julio Rosas, a reporter for, was targeted by the Intercept in a smear designed to destroy his career.

In wasn’t that long ago that journalists followed a code of ethics just like everybody else in both blue and white collar America, practices such as revenge journalism and the gross targeting of the average individual for purposes of political exploitation have become commonplace in the newsroom. Most people do not steal from their employer or harass coworkers, most people are ethical. Journalists though, have long since abandoned ethics and engage in all sorts of nasty practices.

Julio Rosas’ story is, unfortunately, not one that is all that uncommon in America. What separates Rosas’ story from others is that his employer, Townhall, stood by him and told the Intercept to beat it.

The Intercept ran a piece titled; MEET THE RIOT SQUAD: RIGHT-WING REPORTERS WHOSE VIRAL VIDEOS ARE USED TO SMEAR BLM. In this piece its authors, Travis Mannon and Robert Mackey, go to describe the efforts of 8 young journalists, Julio Rosas included, who cover riots and protests across the country. The piece tears into the 8 and claims that they are smearing BLM with deceptive tactics meant to hype the conservative base through the “viral video to Fox News pipeline.

The crime these young journalists committed? They did not pedal the same soft pieces about these events that journalists at the intercept and other publications did. These journalists are simply going out there and filming riots and protests, they then post the clips to social media and add a caption describing what is going on in the clip and where it was shot. The journalists at the Intercept and other publications like it are constantly excusing, lying about, or covering up the riots and violence that goes on at them, even in this piece that was designed to smear other journalists they run cover for BLM and Antifa.

Good on Townhall for standing up to the Intercept. Here is Townhall’s official response to the smear piece:

Last summer, during the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots, while members of the left-wing media exchanged the truth for lies and excused the violence of the radical Left, and Blue State politicians kowtowed to the mobs destroying their cities, Townhall, but more specifically, Julio Rosas, was on the frontlines, dedicated to bringing readers the facts and exposing the chaos and destruction caused by rioters in the name of “social” and “racial justice.”

Now, that unapologetic reporting has put a target on Julio’s back. Earlier today, a left-wing news organization The Intercept published a despicable smear of Julio because of his fearless, on-the-ground reporting of the events last year.

Let us be clear; Townhall stands behind Julio and his fearless real journalism. We will not tolerate smears that put a target on his back, which can result in violent thugs causing him physical harm as he documents these volatile situations.



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