Father Banned From Kids’ School Over Mask

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Chad Hummel, a simple family man from New York, was arrested last week and charged with criminal trespassing at his sons high school for refusing to put on a mask.

From The Daily Wire:

As reported by The Daily Wire, Rochester, New York father Chad Hummel was arrested last week and charged with criminal trespassing at his son’s high school baseball game after he refused to put on a mask, even though the game was outdoors and he was far outside the recommended six-feet social distancing guidance.

Hummel spoke to The Daily Wire on Thursday and offered context to the arrest, arguing that he has been specifically targeted by the school due to his past pushback against arbitrary COVID guidance and critical race theory curricula affecting his children.

Hummel, who is an attorney, also provided evidence to The Daily Wire showing that the school district has outright banned him from campus until June 30. The ban means Hummel is not allowed to even watch his kids’ sporting events from his vehicle or drop them off outside the school. The ban stretches mere days after his son, a senior, is set to walk across the graduation stage, another moment Hummel will miss.

Even more troubling, Hummel told us that his son, who started and played in every baseball game and scrimmage prior to the mask incident, is curiously being benched for away games, which are the games Hummel can attend, while playing his regular amount at home games, the games Mr. Hummel is banned from watching.

Scary times in America when a father can not watch his son’s baseball games or attend his graduation as a result of an unscientific and unfair policy.  Many across the world have been arrested for not wearing masks but getting barred from your own son’s graduation is unheard of.


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