Chelsea Clinton Calls For Crackdown On Social Media

Gage Skidmore via ( Flickr

Chelsea Clinton is calling for a crackdown on anti-vaccination posts on social media.

During an event at the Vatican, Chelsea Clinton was asked about vaccine hesitancy and how governments and organizations and push more people into getting the vaccine. Clinton would go on to say that there needs to be a massive social media crackdown, where any post questioning vaccines or challenging the official narrative on vaccines needs to be deleted.

I personally very strongly believe there has to be more intensive and intentional and coordinated global regulation of the content on social media platforms. We know that the most popular video across all of Latin America for the last few weeks that now has tens of millions of views is just an anti-vax, anti-science screed that YouTube has just refused to take down.

Clinton would go on to say that content created in the United States tends to flourish on social media and spread throughout the world. She then advocated for further regulation on the matter.

We know that – because I have tried – that appealing to the leadership of these companies to do the right thing has just not worked, and so we need regulation.

Chelsea Clinton pointed out the difference between those who are hesitant about the vaccine, and those who simply refuse the vaccine. Clinton would say that those who are hesitant about taking the vaccine or vaccines, in general, have questions that can be answered. While describing these questions Clinton would continue to promote the idea that those who don’t want to take the vaccine are concerned about microchips being implanted under their skin and other nonsense.


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