Canadian Pastor Raided By Police For Asking People To Come To Church

2017 Canada Summer Games via ( Flickr

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested by a heavily armed  SWAT team and is being charged with “inciting” people to go to church.

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski has previously had a run in with the police when they came into his church to check how many people he was preaching too, he sent them off and called them Nazis for coming in to interrupt his Good Friday service. The authorities have come back and arrested Artur with a heavily armed SWAT team.

From PJ Media: 

On Saturday, the cops came back for Pawlowski, but they’d learned their lesson and didn’t come to his church. He might chase them out again and hurl truth bombs about the police state again.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News reported that the police hunted down Pawlowski on a highway, pulled him over, and dragged him off.

Rebel News reports that Canadian Broadcasting apparently was tipped off about the bust and a photographer, with a very shaky hand, got video of the pastor being arrested.

The CBC photographer gloried in the bust of the pastor, hogtied and carried off by the heavily armed police. Except it wasn’t the pastor in this photo. It pictured his brother.

The Canadian Journalist would go on to mock the pastor in a tweet but would soon delete it after backlash.

Earlier this month canadians were lined up at the US border asking for help and holding upside down Canadian flags, a universal signal for distress.


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