Man Beaten Down And Held At Gunpoint By Antifa Speaks Out

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Joe Hall, a former Marine and handyman, was beaten almost to death by a group of thugs consisting of members of Antifa and BLM protestors in the city of Portland.

The gang of thugs was stopping cars driving by their protest, they would box in the car with rifles and handguns drawn and force the occupants out of the vehicle. Why was Hall stopped? he speculates that he was stopped specifically because he had Trump stickers and Marine Corp stickers on the back of his car.

After being pulled from his car he was brutally assaulted by members of Anifa and BLM. Hall considered defending himself with his handgun but would later explain that the last person to do this in Portland is still being prosecuted for it despite that individual not firing a shot.

After the ruthless beating Joe Hall was asked by the police what it was he did to antagonize the crowd.

From PJ Media:

While he was out of his truck and getting his head bashed in, thieves broke into it, stealing his keys, and the other two gun he carried with him. Hall is a concealed carry license holder.

Hall could have shot his way out but he told Larson he was reminded of Mike Strickland, the first person in Portland beaten by antifa and who pulled a gun to back off the mob. Strickland saved himself by pulling out his gun without firing a shot, but as I’ve explained in my 16 part podcast series Strickland was the one prosecuted for pulling the gun.

And here we are.

Portland has made a turn. After years of passively watching antifa and BLM’s violent assaults, arsons, bombings, assaults on journalists, cops, and federal officers, and standing idly by while antifa and BLM “security” committed a political assassination on the streets of Portland on video, there doesn’t seem to be anything the so-called Portland leadership plans to do about it. Antifa, BLM and their race hatred may be so embedded in the city’s monocultural mindset that my hometown may be irretrievably broken.


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