Young Men and Boys Go Missing in Myanmar

Children and young men are going missing an an alarming rate in Myanmar.

Myanmar is in the midst of a civil war and now people are going missing at an alarming rate according to the Associated Press. 

As PJ Media notes:

Myanmar is in the midst of a civil war with the recently installed military junta refusing to negotiate with the legally elected government. The February 1 coup has led to a general uprising and the military has been stretched to the limit in order to deal with it.

The military’s tactics are simple: addition by subtraction. They feel they can gain more security by simply eliminating the sources of manpower for the opposition. To that end, they are abducting young males between the ages of 15-30 and holding them without any legal proceedings and without telling their families where they are.

“We’ve definitely moved into a situation of mass enforced disappearances,” says Matthew Smith, co-founder of the human rights group Fortify Rights, which has collected evidence of detainees being killed in custody. “We’re documenting and seeing widespread and systematic arbitrary arrests.”

Those arrests and detentions have worried the families of the boys and young men. One indication of how widespread the problem has become is the thousands of photos of the missing posted on the internet. The fact that the photos are circulating and being posted on a military-controlled internet shows that the junta is trying to intimidate these young men into staying home and minding their own business.

The country may be engaged in some brutal activities if these reports prove to be true. Information coming out of a region in the midst of a civil war is not always the most accurate.


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