California School Offers Racially Segregated ‘Support Circles’

Thad Zajdowicz via ( Flickr

Public schools in California offered racially segregated “support circles” for students following the Derek Chauvin trial.

Piedmont schools racially segregated students and had them discuss the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial. There was outrage among parents and students over the activity and the school was forced to apologize, but not for racially segregating students.

The school would go on to apologize for letting the white students have a “support circle.”

From The Daily Wire:

Almost immediately following the email, Wozniak “issued an apology for the decision to hold a white student support circle, saying that ‘the impact on our students of color has left them feeling hurt and disrespected by district administration,’” SFGate reported, noting that the sessions were then canceled.

School board president Cory Smegal praised students for calling attention to the matter and suggested those who facilitated the racially-segregated support circles should not be fired, seemingly for their progressive aim.

“Our students were the first to call attention to it, and they were right to do so,” Smegal said. “The leadership response was swift and direct — an apology, an explanation … If we silence those who take risks and make mistakes along the way, we discourage others from stepping forward to enter into this important work at a time when all of our words are so highly charged and under such scrutiny.”

Segregation is coming back into the forefront of American politics, it is something that many thought they would never see again after the 60s.


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