Portland Mayor Doxed and Given Death Threats

Anonymous individuals who claim to be part of anti-fascist and anarchist movements published a video to Twitter doxing the Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler and alluding to a plot of killing him if he does not step down.

The above video is the one posted to Twitter, however the address of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was removed to protect his privacy.
The original tweet has now been removed after being up for over a day.
Authorities in the area are now investigating these threats. From Oregon Live: 

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s latest call for police and fellow Portlanders to aggressively crack down on a small group of destructive demonstrators has angered left-leaning critics, rankled civil rights groups and now led to at least one veiled public death threat.

Police are investigating a video published to Twitter on Wednesday night that claims militant activists in the city will continue to destroy property and riot until Wheeler resigns and also includes the mayor’s home address along with a menacing warning.

“Blood is already on your hands, Ted,” says the video’s masked and voice-altered narrator, who appears outside a MAX station and claims to be a member of Portland’s anarchist and anti-fascist community. “The next time, it may just be your own.”

Jim Middaugh, a spokesman for Wheeler, said the mayor and his office learned of the video Wednesday night and that the Portland Police Bureau opened an investigation. Middaugh said the city’s police bureau had also notified the FBI, but he declined to comment further.

One of the most bizarre things about this story is how long it took Twitter to remove the video from its platform. Twitter has had a longstanding rule against doxing individuals, doxing meaning the publishing of someone’s personal information online or in a highly public fashion, that being said the platform has not always enforced this rule fairly. A reporter recently posted a photo of someone’s house, the indidvuals in question had donated money to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund anonymously, and Twitter did not act on this case. The veiled death threat aimed towards Ted Wheler was something that also violated rules against making death threats on the platform, so why was it allowed to stay on the platform for so long?



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