Treasure Hunters May Be One Step Closer To Finding Secret Nazi Treasure

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Treasure Hunters are looking for a secret stash of gold that Nazis had stashed away during WWII.

Treasure Hunters in Europe plan to have an excavation under a palace in a small Polish village named Minkowskie, this is where they believe 10 tons of stolen gold hoarded by the Nazis is located. The gold itself is believed to have been stolen under orders from SS Commander Heinrich Himmler and buried to conceal it from the invading Soviets.

During the war, the Nazis stole gold from Polish Jews as well as art and other treasures from occupied Poland. The treasure hunters believe that the gold is located in this manner is because several clues were found in an SS Officer’s diary that reference the 18th-century palace. Another major clue that brought the Treasure hunters to the palace was historical documentation that shows SS Officers were using the location as a brothel according to the Daily Mail. 

More on the story from The Daily Mail:

It is also thought to include jewellery and valuables from the private collections of wealthy Germans who lived in the region and who handed their possessions to the SS in order to protect them from being looted by the advancing Red Army.

The location was revealed by secret documents, an SS officer’s diary and a map that the treasure hunters received from the descendants of officers belonging to a secretive lodge dating back over 1,000 years.

The same diary, said to have been written by a high-ranking SS officer under the pseudonym Michaelis, last year revealed the location of another palace in the region where it is thought 28 tonnes of treasure is buried at the bottom of a well.

But the treasure hunters say they will start digging at the new location because the buried loot is easier to access.

The gold alone is believed to worth half a billion British pounds or roughly $700 million. This value comes without the historical value these items carry either, so in reality, they could be worth far more than these estimates. The value of the treasure could also be worth far less or maybe even nothing, these Treasure hunters still have to find it after all.


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