Art And Science Council Apologizes for Eurocentric Art

David Hilowitz via ( Flickr

The Arts and Science Council in Charlotte, North Carolina is apologizing for funding “white, western Eurocentric” opera and symphony as opposed to supporting black artists.

In a cultural equity report the council stated that their decisions were inequitable and they had failed to support minority cultural organizations. The councils president, Krista Terrell, issued an apology and said that she had received several highly critical messages from cultural leaders and art groups over the councils financial decisions.

From The Daily Caller: 

“While I knew the facts in the report were startling, I never thought I would experience so intimately the uncomfortableness, the defensiveness, and the scaredness of white people reacting to the unvarnished truth.” said Terrell in a post on the Americans for the Arts website.

She also stated that she wasn’t sure whether people were more upset that the report described legacy groups as “white, Western, Eurocentric” or about the graphic showing nine groups that received more funding than all minority groups combined, The Charlotte Observer reported.

“What I know for sure, based on their behavior and reactions, is they would have tried to whitewash the truth for their comfort,” Terrel wrote, according to The Charlotte Observer.
The council is now planning on holding “community- listening sessions” to collect more feedback on the equity report.


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