America’s Scientists Have Been Compromised By China

NTNU, Faculty of Natural Sciences via ( Flickr

More than 500 federally funded scientists are now under investigation according the National Institutes of Health. A former member of the National Security Council is ringing alarm bells over Communist China’s infiltration of American institutions.

The National institute of Health(NIH) told members of the Senate that it is overwhelmed with a large number of cases of Chinese infiltration in American institutions. These indidvuals are steal vital technology and intellectual property, this is most prevalent in the Biomedical industry. Some of these scientists have already been terminated, others have had there funding striped, and some have been put on probation.

From Fox News:

Over the past decade, the FBI has issued a number of warnings to American students studying in China about the dangers of being recruited by Chinese intelligence. According to Fleitz, the Biden administration “seems quite far from issuing such a sensible warning.”

“If the government doesn’t recognize the threat, the academic institutions and students are not going to recognize the threat,” urged Fleitz.

“The Chinese Communist Party is ruthless. They know we have this vulnerability and they know with money they can get their experts into these universities no questions asked,” he warned.

“Joe Biden says that China is a competitor — no, China is an adversary, maybe an enemy.”

Intellectual property theft is not a joke, technologies that take years to develop are being stolen and sold back to the US all while the US government funds it. This issue is largely overlooked as a result of the media looking to avoid the issue of China.


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