Ohio Bar Bans NBA Games Until LeBron Is Thrown Out Of League

A local bar in Ohio has had there fill of LeBron James and will not be showing any NBA in their establishment until he is thrown out of the league.

LeBron James sparked outrage earlier this week with a series of comments about the shooting involving Ma’Khia Bryant, a teenage girl who was shot by the police while trying to stab another teenager. LeBron defended the assailant and called for the officer involved to be put in prison. For Linnie’s Pub in Ohio, this was the last straw when it comes to LeBron James.

From The Daily Caller: 

According to Outkick, Linnie’s Pub in Delhi Township will no longer play NBA games on TV as long as LeBron James is part of the league. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“If anyone wants to watch an NBA game, don’t come to Linnie’s Pub. We will not air them until LeBron James has been expelled from the NBA,” owner Jay Linneman explained, according to the same report.

The decision comes after LeBron James posted a tweet about the police officer in Ohio who had to shoot and kill teenager Ma’Khia Bryant during a violent altercation. Bryant was armed with a knife during the altercation.

The four-time NBA champion and Los Angeles Lakers star later deleted the tweet, but you can see a screenshot of it below.

LeBron James has been targeted by fans in the past for his political remarks, especially those concerning the NBA’s partnership with China.


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