Chauvin Trial Juror Claims She Was Afraid During Trial

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A juror for the Derek Chauvin trial came out in an interview and said that she feared intimidation at her home.

KARE 11 news interviewed one of the alternate jurors for the Derek Chauvin trail, the juror had told the press that she had mixed feelings and did not want to go through rioting and destruction again. She would go on to say that “[she] was concerned about people coming to [her] house if they were not happy with the verdict.”

From townhall:

Despite a fear of riots, Christensen still believes Chauvin was guilty on all three charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. This was the verdict the jury unanimously handed down Tuesday afternoon.

“Christensen, who lives in the city where a white officer shot and killed a 20-year-old Black man during a traffic stop this month, said that if she had been part of deliberations, she would’ve found Chauvin guilty. But Christensen had no idea that she was one of two alternates until the judge dismissed her right before the 12 jurors were sequestered,” KARE 11 reports.

After closing arguments on Monday, Chauvin’s attorneys asked the judge for the case to declare a mistrial after Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for violent rioters to get “more confrontational” if a guilty verdict wasn’t reached. While the judge denied the request, he said they may have a case if they file an appeal.

This interview coupled with the comments of several elected officials before the trail, including the incendiary comments made by representative Maxine Waters, may result in the entire trial getting over turned.


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