Climate Activists Dump Feces In DC To Protest Biden

Screenshot via The Daily Caller on Twitter

Climate Change activist group Extinction Rebellion is protesting against the Biden Administration’s climate plan by dumping cow feces in front of the White House.

Extinction Rebellion protestors took to the streets of DC with pink wheelbarrows loaded with cow manure on Earth Day. The goal of the protests was to raise awareness of Biden’s lack of action on the climate crisis. Members of the group were chanting “Bullsh*t” and “No more climate crisis” as they marched through the streets.

More on Biden’s climate plan from The Daily Caller: 

Biden’s climate plan included a pledge to spend $2 trillion over ten years to achieve an emissions-free power sector by 2035 and net-zero emissions by 2050. He also committed the U.S. on Thursday to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% by 2030, effectively doubling the goal set by former President Barack Obama. (RELATED: Group Of Democrats To Reintroduce The Green New Deal)

Senior administration officials briefed reporters about the move ahead of the White House’s two-day virtual climate summit, where Biden and 40 other world leaders are expected to commit to various climate targets beginning Thursday.

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Reilly Polka denounced Biden’s climate plan as “far too little, far too late,” according to WUSA 9.

The protestors in DC were looking to have Biden declare an emergency and set a net-zero emissions target for 2025.


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