Car Jacker Demolished By Vehicle Owner In Crazy Video!

Screenshot from Twitter

Earlier in April two thieves were stopped in the middle of a carjacking when the vehicle owner body slammed one of them in a now-viral video.

The two thieves approached the owner of a vehicle and brandished a gun. The owner of the vehicle simply ignored the threat and proceeded to body slam the assailant. The young man screamed out after this and his accomplice told the vehicle owner to let him go. After the duo was let go they fled in a white vehicle.

From The Daily Wire:

The two boys in the incident joined others to continue the attempted crime spree.

“On Tuesday, April 13, three of the suspects were arrested in the Kia Niro by Oakland police on suspicion of armed robbery and were then released to their guardians,” NBC  reported. “That did not prove to be a deterrent to these juveniles, who police said added a fourth juvenile for an attempt of another carjacking Friday in San Leandro in the 200 block of Begier Avenue that resulted in their arrest.”

All four boys were between the ages of 11 and 14.