Newspaper Runs Cartoon Comparing Black Republican To KKK Member

The Salt Lake Tribune ran an editorial cartoon comparing Republican Representative Burgess Owens to a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

The comic showed a caricature of Owens pointing to the border with the tag line “They are coming to your neighborhoods!” and right next to Owens was a Klan member pointing at him saying the same thing.

In a statement to The Daily Caller Owens said:

“I was raised int he 1960’s Deep South during a time when the KKK terrorized my neighborhood and the color of my skin literally dictated where I went to school. It was a time when racism was defined by arrogance and demeaning the character of any person of color,” Owens told the Caller.

“They can try to hide behind a newspaper and fake ‘wokeness,’ but this is it,” he continued. “Don’t let the racist and tone deaf Salt Lake Tribune cast a bad light on our great state of inclusion. It does not represent the people of Utah or my constituents in District 4.”

The Utah Delegation issued a joint statement condemning the graphic as “repugnant.”

Many other Republicans’ called out the Salt Lake Tribune over the comic as well:



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