Hate Crime Hoax! African-American Student Made Racist Graffiti

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Racist graffiti that was found at Albion College was found to be done by an African American student.

The racist graffiti included such messages as “white lives matter”, “white power”, the numbers 666 over a Star of David, and the n-word. There was outrage on the campus and even a full-fledged protest over the graffiti. Activists used the incident as proof that America was an irredeemably racist country.

It was discovered by the police investigation that the graffiti was done by an African American male.

From LawOfficer.com: 

This graffiti, which included messages such as “white lives matter” and “white power,” turned out to have been allegedly created by a 21-year-old black male, Post Millennial reported. This person also is said to have written such messages as “666” on top of a Star of David, alongside “let’s kill all N*****.” There were also references to the Klu Klux Klan.

The Albion police brought the male suspect in for questioning, where he admitted to doing most of the graffiti, according to Chief Scott Kipp. The student was not identified. He was released. It is unclear whether any charges will be brought against him.

The investigation will be forwarded to Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office for consideration of charges when it’s complete, Michigan Live reported.

Images of the racist graffiti quickly went viral across social media platforms, with one local outlet posting the story accompanied with pictures that they censored “due to it being so offensive.”

The college has removed the student from campus and suspended them. Albion College would go on to say in a statement that the incident was still an act of racism and that they would be working to heal the community.


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