CNN Camera Crew Attacked By ‘Peaceful Protestors’

Despite CNN’s efforts to label recent protests as “peaceful” rioters assaulted a CNN camera crew.

A camera crew from CNN was gathering footage of the riots when several individuals began to harass the group and eventually attacked them. Independent journalist Andy Ngo was able to get footage of the attack.

The CNN camera crew was ultimately chased away by the mob.

This is not the only time CNN was attacked this week, earlier a man approached a camera crew and began berating them.

From the Daily Wire: 

CNN has repeatedly been the subject of news reports this week for their coverage of far-left riots and for undercover videos that were released that show a director at the network admitting that they create “propaganda” and essentially work to destroy Republicans.

On Monday night, a man walked up to a CNN reporter who was covering a riot and unloaded on the network, saying the network twists stories.

“What I think about this, it’s all the press and all the extra s*** y’all do, makes this worse,” the man responded. “When people want to protest, they shouldn’t do it in front of a f***in’ police sta–, yeah, court house, s*** like that. You get what the f*** I’m saying? Y’all need to get up out of here with all that twisting that the media and s***.”

The man later dismissed the reporter’s comments that they were on live air, saying, “I don’t care if you’re live or not, get away from here with all that media s*** that y’all doing.”


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