Prince Philip Was Allegedly Fascinated By UFO’s

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According to reports the late Prince Philip was fascinated by UFOs and amassed a large collection of books on the subject.

Prince Philip was alleged to be deeply fascinated with the subject of flying saucers and alien encounters. While it is unknown if he believed in these things he was certainly invested in the subject.

Page Six reports: 

In addition to his many earthly pursuits, the late Prince Philip also looked to the skies to watch for UFOs — and had amassed a large collection of books on the subject, according to reports.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who died Friday at age 99, was fascinated with close encounters and was a regular subscriber of Flying Saucer Review, a quarterly magazine established in 1955, according to the UK’s Metro.

He first developed an interest in UFOs from his uncle Lord Mountbatten, who wrote an official report about a spaceship that reportedly landed on his estate in Romsey, Hampshire, in 1955, the Sun said.

Philip had given his former assistant Sir Peter Horsley, a senior Royal Air Force commander who died in 2001 at age 80, “carte blanche” to collect stories about UFOs from the RAF, according to Metro.

For a long time UFOs have been dismissed as the hearsay of the insane but recent reports suggest that there is a significant national security angle that too often goes overlooked.

The term UFO is used to describe any unidentified flying object, these unknown objects could be assets of a foreign military or even our own top-secret projects that are meant to be kept out of the public eye. Sighting by members of our Airforce and commercial airline pilots should be taken seriously and as a matter of national security.



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