Time To Pack The Court: Liberal Activists Pressure Justice Breyer To Retire So They Can Pack The Court

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is under pressure to step down over his recent comments speaking out about any attempt to pack the court.

While at a Harvard seminar last week Stephen Breyer, who many would consider to be a more liberal judge, spoke out about the dangers of packing the Supreme Court and the effect it would have on the rule of law.

From The Daily Caller: 

“Proposals have been recently made to increase the number of Supreme Court justices. I’m sure that others will discuss related political arguments,” he said, Fox News reported. “This lecture reflects my own effort to be certain that those who are going to debate these questions … also consider an important institutional point. Consider it. Namely, how would court packing reflect and affect the rule of law itself?”

Breyer aims “to make those whose initial instincts may favor important structural change, or other similar institutional changes, such as forms of court packing, think long and hard before they embody those changes in law,” he said. (RELATED: Sasse Accuses Biden Of Lacking Courage To Tell Progressives Supreme Court Packing Will Never Happen)

A group called Demand Justice took aim at Justice Breyer after his remarks, they rented out a billboard truck and had it drive through Capitol Hill. The billboard read “Breyer, retire, Don’t risk your legacy.” on one side, the other side read “It’s time for Black woman Supreme Court justice,” and “There’s no time to waste.”

The group Demand Justice also put out this statement:


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