Idaho Set To Ban Vaccine Passports

Idaho has become the 4th state in the country to ban Vaccine Passports.

Idaho’s Republican Governor Brad Little signed an executive order prohibiting Vaccine Passport laws. Idaho is the 4th state to do this following Florida, Texas, and Utah all banning the idea of a Vaccine Passport.

From The Daily Wire: 

“Idahoans should be given the choice to receive the vaccine. We should not violate Idahoans’ personal freedoms by requiring them to receive it,” Little said in a statement. “Vaccine passports create different classes of citizens. Vaccine passports restrict the free flow of commerce during a time when life and the economy are returning to normal. Vaccine passports threaten individual freedom and patient privacy.”

“I have serious concerns that implementing COVID-19 vaccine passports will violate Idahoans’ medial privacy rights, prejudice those unable to receive the vaccine, slow our economic recovery, cause division among our populace and, ultimately, be counterproductive to the widespread administration of the COVID-19 vaccines among Idahoans,” Little continued, voicing concerns that have been echoed by other Republican lawmakers.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced an executive order banning mandatory vaccine passports on Tuesday, prohibiting all state and federal government agencies and all private entities receiving state funds from requiring proof of vaccination before serving someone.

The Vaccine Passport is a concept meant to exclude Americans who do not get the vaccine from everyday life. This initial idea is that everyone who gets the vaccine will be allowed to return to normal life despite evidence suggesting that the vaccine is doing little to nothing to stop the Coronavirus. Restaurants and public areas would check those entering for proof of vaccination before letting them enter.


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