Does Joe Biden Know What The Word Infrastructure Means?

Many commentators across the country are in a fury over the Biden Administrations’ infrastructure plan, the concern is coming from the fact that the bill is anything but infrastructure-related.

The infrastructure bill includes legislation related to abortion, gun control, forced unionization, child care, paid leave, caregiving, and more.

The New York Times broke down the bill and found that only 10.5% of the bill is related to what is traditionally thought of as infrastructure. 17.8% of the bill is dedicated to green measures like climate technology and investments into green energy.

From PJ Media:

In other words, if Democrats claim that a government program helps “working people,” that’s infrastructure! Perhaps Cruz was being a bit flippant to suggest that Biden would call abortion “infrastructure,” but according to this definition, the intentional killing of a baby in the womb might just foot the bill. If a woman gets pregnant before she plans to, and if she argues that she needs more time before she starts a family, then is her abortion “infrastructure” because it helps her future family?

Democrats have used similar arguments to claim that the Hyde Amendment — which protects pro-life taxpayers from funding abortion — is racist.

Of course, Biden wants to redefine infrastructure in order to justify directing massive sums to the climate-industrial complex in the name of saving the earth from a predicted climate apocalypse that keeps failing to arrive on schedule. Climate alarmists first predicted global cooling, then global warming, now the vague threat of “climate change.” Biden has promised that America will face fewer natural disasters due to his presidency based on baseless claims that fossil fuels exacerbated recent fires, floods, and hurricanes.

Democrats are working overtime to pass massive handout bills — first in the name of COVID-19 relief, now in the name of “infrastructure.” The American people should see through this charade.

Senator Ted Cruz chimed in on Twitter in response to a comment from Senator Kristen Gillibrand about how the definition of infrastructure has expanded to include new things.


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