Woman Upset With Drive Thru Delays Opens Fire


A shooting occurred at a Burger King in Memphis, Tennessee. Why? The drive thru was going to slow.

A woman got out of car at a Burger King in Memphis Tennessee in a fury after having to wait so long to order. She confronted the staff at Burger King and this escalated into a brutal confrontation that ended with the woman grabbing a gun and blindly firing at the employees. The Police put out a statement about the incident, it reads: 

Upon arriving on the scene, officers were advised that a female customer got angry regarding the wait time to be served at the drive-thru window. The female got out of the front passenger seat of a mid-sized, four-door, gray sedan and approached the drive-thru window. A verbal altercation ensued between the female patron and the workers. Video surveillance shows the suspect retrieve a black handgun from the vehicle, extend her upper body through the drive-thru window, and fire several shots at the Burger King workers.

The workers fled from the gunfire through the rear door of the business and were unharmed. The suspect was accompanied by a male who was the driver of the gray sedan.

No arrests have been made at this point.

This is an ongoing investigation.

The police department has also put up a cash reward for information that leads to her arrest. Anyone who brings forward the identity of this individual or information that leads to her arrest will receive $1000 and be able to remain anonymous.


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