Does This Video Show Fake Body Bags For Media Coverage Of Covid-19?

A viral video has sparked outrage as many believe that the video showcases fake body bags for the media’s coverage of Covid-19, but is this video real?

The video is real, but its not what you think. The video does in fact show fake body bags with one man in the body bag is popping his head out for a quick smoke but this was not for some media report, this was for a music video.

A Russian Rapper who goes by Husky, was filming a music video when a short clip was taken by a production designer. This short clip was cut even shorter and all context was removed. The video has circulated around the internet with a mix of reactions.

On user shared the video and captioned it “They’re preparing dead Rona bodies for the news. One is still smoking a cigarette.”

Its easy to see where the confusion comes from, without knowing about this was being a shot for a music video. It is easy to deceive people with cleverly cropped videos, its a signature trick of the mainstream media after all.


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