Parents Targeted By Woke Mob Shut Out of GoFundMe Fundraiser

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A group of parents, Techers, and local officials in Loudon County Virginia colluded to create a communist style enemies list, now they have worked to shut down the fundraiser of someone on that list.

Scott Mineo is the President of a group called Parents Against Critical Theory(PACT) the group actively works towards pushing these radical left wing ideas, such as Critical Race Theory, out of public schools. Mineo held a fundraiser on the site GoFundMe for his group but the fundraiser was shot down after it had raised more than $4,000. GoFundMe declined to explain what policies the fundraiser broke but the site does have a rule where they can shut down any campaign for any reason. Scott Mineo believes however that politics have something to do with the removal of his fundraiser.

The Daily Caller did some digging and found that Mimeo’s assertion that this was a targeted political attack is in fact true. A fakebook group called the Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County  posted a link to the campaign and asked its members to mass report the fundraiser in order to get it taken down.

From The Daily Caller: 

Screenshot from the Daily Caller

Other efforts to shut down opposition to the use of CRT in the Loudoun public school system have included a blacklisting and doxxing campaign run via a secret Facebook group titled “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” and explicit efforts to “silence the opposition” posted on the social media account of a LCPS advisory committee.

These practices have sparked a recall campaign against members of the school board. (RELATED: REPORT: School Committee Chair Says Teachers Against Critical Race Theory ‘Cannot And Should Not Be Tolerated’)

“This was not a spur of the moment decision of the Loudoun County School Board members,” Mineo claimed, saying he had obtained Facebook Messenger conversations filled with “their celebratory comments after achieving victory” in getting the fundraiser shut down.

Mineo provided screenshots of those messages to the Daily Caller, in which Charlotte McConnell, who identified herself on her Twitter biography as a former member of the LCPS Equity Committee, called for people to report the GoFundMe fundraiser.

For those unaware of what Critical Race Theory(CRT) is, CRT is a philosophy that teaches that America is and always was a racist country and that every social interaction must be viewed in terms of race. The philosophy advocated for an end to a merit based system and replacing it with a race-based serious of policy.

As we covered earlier, Loudon county schools is in fact teaching this radical view to students despite the constant denial from staff and officials. To make matters worse there is a group operating within the county to push these views into curriculum and not only suppress any dissent but destroy those that are dissenting.



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