Dr. Fauci Starring In A Series of Shorts on Nickelodeon? Its True!

Dr. Anthony Fauci will be starring in a series of shorts that will be aired on children’s TV network Nickelodeon.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases(NIAID) Director Dr. Anthony Fauci will be the star of Nickelodeon’s “Nick News Breaks” a series that will take topics in the news and break them down for children in a one minute fashion.

From The Hill: 

Nickelodeon plans to feature top infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci in video clips answering children’s questions about COVID-19 and the pandemic starting this weekend.

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), will appear in Nickelodeon’s “Nick News Breaks,” which are one-minute segments designed to frame news and important issues for children.

The four “Nick News Breaks” that Fauci is slated to appear on will start airing Saturday and continue through the weekend on Nick, TeenNick, Nicktoons and on Nickelodeon’s social media.

Many are slamming the series as a way creepy form of propaganda. In one of the videos an 11 year old girl asks Fauci if she will be able to hold her birthday party this year, Fauci Responds with “I didn’t have my birthday this year… Usually I have all of my daughters and my family come in and have a big meal together, and we didn’t do that this year. So I’m hoping that next year I’ll be able to have it.” Fauci would continue with “So I’m wishing the same thing for you that when you have your 12th birthday, Natalie, that you’re going to be able to have a party. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.” This type of hopeless messaging is also being critiqued, many are sharing concerns that this bleak messaging is not good for the mental health of Children.


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