USMC’s New Training Has Potential To Demonize Conservatives

The Biden Administration is cracking down on alleged extremism in the military, many are calling out the crack down as a gateway to demonizing conservatives.

The new measures seem to be taken out of the SPLC playbook when it comes to identifying “hate groups”. The SPLC has included Christian groups who do not support same-sex marriage or those who do not affirm transgenderism on its hate lists. The Marines have also put forward material on how to report your fellow Marines for exhibiting extremist behavior or being in extremist groups.

From PJ Media: 

This vague definition of extremism opens the floodgates for political demonization. What does it mean to say that Marines cannot advocate for organizations that “advance efforts to deprive individuals of their civil rights”? Which rights are in question? Can Marines advocate for gun control groups that want to weaken Americans’ civil right to gun ownership? Can Marines advocate for pro-life groups that seek to undermine a woman’s “right” to abortion under Roe v. Wade (1973)?

Many on the Left demonize conservative Christians who refuse to celebrate same-sex marriage or transgender identity, accusing them of “discrimination” that violates LGBT people’s “rights.”

Can Marines advocate for women’s shelters that do not allow transgender men who claim to be women? Can Marines support a religious freedom organization that defends a doctor’s right to refuse to remove a healthy gender-confused woman’s uterus? Under President Joe Biden’s executive orders on transgender identity, these organizations would “deprive individuals of their civil rights.”

Worse, the Marine Corps stand-down materials claim Marines have a “responsibility to report” their fellows. “If you observe a Marine or co-worker exhibiting concerning behaviors, you have a responsibility to report it through the chain of command or supervision to your local security manager, and/or directly to the Insider Threat program office.”

The Marine Corps Also released a list of “Don’ts” for social media, these include:

  • Do not Advocate for or Promote Supremacist or Extremist Materials
  • Do not post, share, or like materials promoting discrimination
  • Do not post, share, or like materials materials advocating for violence or criminal activities
  • Do not comment, post or link to material that violated the UCMJ
  • Do not share or post materials about partisan political topics
  • Do not post about partisan sources that are trying to solicit funds for political campaigns
  • Do not tolerate actions by other Marines that violate these rules


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