Student Uncovers The Brainwashing Going On In Public Schools

Screenshot via Youtube

A Loudoun County Teacher scolded a student over a zoom call while doing a presentation about race, why? The student refused to acknowledge that a photo used showed people of two different races.

A student uploaded a video to Youtube exposing their teacher’s radical views as it pertains to race, a viewpoint that is mainstream to the left today but was racist to everyone in American just a few years ago.

In the video, the teacher was doing a presentation titled “What Is Race?“, and the photo on the first slide showcased an African American woman and a White Woman. The teacher pushed the students to describe the photo, to which one student replied “Just two people chilling“. This was not the answer the teacher was looking for, in fact, it might have been the worst answer the student could have given.

The teacher pressed the student saying “I don’t believe that you believe that“, and would further this point by accusing the student of being “intentionally coy.” The debate between the two rages on for a while and no one else in the digital classroom interjects in the conversation. The student recorded this interaction, the student recorded the interaction and uploaded it to Youtube. Watch the full video here:

Note that this is not the only time in recent history that Loudon County has gotten into trouble over its political forces operating in and around schools. Last month it was reported that teachers, some parents, and the county prosecutor had come together to form a private chat where they worked to create a communist-style enemies list for those who disagreed with the far-left progressive agenda and Critical Race Theory.

The private chat was full of infighting as some were confused to see their friends and neighbors on the list they had helped create, as they would find out their friends were put on the list for criticizing the woke mobs attacks against beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss.


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