Pastor Imprisoned Over Covid Rule Violations Recounts Moment He Was Freed From Jail

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Pastor James Coates was imprisoned in February for violating the Covid-19 rules by holding church services, he was recently released after spending a month behind bars and is sharing his story.

Pastor James Coates was arrested for violating Canada’s rules regarding limited capacity at church services, he would spend a month behind bars and when he finally got out it was to the sound of cheering and applause.

From Faith Wire:

“Just to kind of show the affection that we had for each other, in the moment I was leaving, I turned around … and I lifted up my hand to wave,” he recalled, “and the doors of the pod began to shake as the men in their cells just banged on their doors as a sign of support, love, [and] affection.”

Coates said he was with the jail chaplain when it happened.

“He’s emailed me since then and shared with me that he’ll never forget that moment,” Coates explained. “It was precious to me as well. That just gives you a little picture of how they thought toward me and treated me.”

“Once I got into [general public], I would have guys often come to my door and want to speak with me and would share difficulties in their life with me, and I would share the Gospel with them,” he said. “We’d be talking through a door to each other, but I would share the Gospel with them. That happened often, where guys would just come to me.”

These excerpts came from an interview Coates did with the Rebel News:


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