Big Tech Strikes Down Steven Crowder, He Won’t Take It Sitting Down

Screenshot via YouTube

Conservative Commentator Steven Crowder has had his YouTube accounts demonetized and locked for allegedly violating the platforms community guidelines.

Steven Crowder is a host on Blaze TV, an online conservative network, his fame on YouTube has contributed greatly to his career and is one of the best platforms for discovery. His ban from YouTube comes with little surprise as left-wing activists and journalists have been targeting the platform for hoisting his content for years.

YouTube has banned Crowder indefinitely from their Partner Program, which allows users to monetize their content, but Crowder is planning a counter attack.

From the Daily Wire: 

Crowder first announced YouTube’s action against him in a Monday Instagram post accusing the platform of manipulating its community guidelines to target conservatives. He also teased having “something for them [YouTube]” in response to his ban.

“I’ve been warning about this for a long time and now it’s here. BigTech, and specifically Youtube, have painted a target on Conservative’s backs for years, with yours truly being target #1,” Crowder wrote.

“Today, Google/YouTube just fired a HUGE shot across our bow. They are no longer enforcing ‘community guidelines,’ but creating entirely new ones with the express purpose of removing any and all Conservative voices of dissent,” he charged. “For the crime of investigative journalism, we are forbidden from uploading, posting or live-streaming for an entire week on the main channel. Don’t worry, we’ve got something for them.”
On Feb. 1, Crowder announced he was suing the social media giant Facebook for cutting off his election night livestream. The conservative commentator is suing Facebook for alleged fraud, false advertising, and monopolistic behavior.
Steven Crowder will be taking on all of big tech in lawsuits, he has already sued Facebook and is now looking into going after YouTube. The case against these companies is very real, they ban individuals under the guise of violating the community guidelines or terms of service but if they can not prove this then they could be in a lot of trouble as a result of federal law regarding the position of platforms and their legal protections.


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