Biden Staffers Block Senator’s Filming of Migrant Center

The situation at the border has become nothing short of a crisis, now the cover-up is in full swing.

The crisis at the border has exploded with so many migrants coming over the border that there isn’t enough space to house them or process them. Now the Biden administration is engaging in a cover-up.

Senator Ted Cruz visited one migrant detention center to film the horrid conditions and was stopped by a Biden staffer. The staffer repeatedly got in his way trying to block his camera from filming the center.

From PJ Media:

Joe Biden’s border mess became a cover-up about a week ago. At that point, the administration began actively blocking media from reporting on conditions inside the taxpayer-funded facilities housing thousands of illegal migrants. In the days prior, it had begun installing holding facilities in towns and cities around Texas and other border states without working with either the relevant state or local officials according to Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas). Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) got around the Biden censorship by releasing photos from inside border facilities to Axios.

Over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other elected officials toured the border. Coyotes reportedly heckled them, taunting them saying no matter what is done, they will be smuggling — trafficking — people across the border anyway.

Sen. Cruz attempted to capture video inside the border facility on Donna, Texas. A Biden staffer, clearly repeating phrases from a script, blocked him.

Ted Cruz would latter appear on Fox News to describe the condition that he saw there. He told Fox News that the capacity for that center was 1,000 but under Covid it was reduced to 250, currently it holds over 4,000 people.


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